We are happy that you visit us, a SIM and page what is dedicated to car racing and that on a high level and with much realistic.

We offer several series, from beginner to pro level. At the moment we have ASA, IROC, Touring Cars and GT Cars and also our own Kid Car Series for child avas in secondlife

Who we are?

We are a group of 4 people which have racing experience on several race sims all over in secondlife and now decided to make a sim, for all races, which want to race fast, fair and on a high level.

The tracks, cars, scripts and much more is build by all 4 of this group, each person has his own field were he/she works on.

R.R.A is supported by S&G Custom Cars, Black Lagoon Holding , the Renters and last but not least by all the Racers.